Alvin - Optometry

Science Ambassador

Alvin goofy

Year: 2

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Optometrist!

Favourite food: Loaded Cheese Fries at Crabby Joe's

How I get involved: BIOL 211L Teaching Assistant, Peer Leader for Living Learning Community, ESQ Leader, Science Outreach, Let's Talk Science Volunteer, Science Society Coordinator of various roles, Science Orientation Leader and Coordinator, CAOS First Year Rep, UWOSS Social Rep, Optometry Orientation Events Coordinator.

Why I love my program

I was inspired early on by my Optometrist to pursue a career in which I can help people, have meaningful conversations and one that also allows me to develop my passion for all things science. Optometry checks all the boxes! University of Waterloo having the only english speaking Optometry program in Canada also made it an easy decision to pursue this program because of the prestige and wonderful studying environment.

Why University of Waterloo?

Along currently studying Optometry here, I also did my undergraduate studies in Biology! In my opinion, the main draw to the University of Waterloo was the Co-op program that it offered with my undergraduate program. Presently, I can definitely say that those Co-op experiences have given me experiences that I will carry on to wherever I end up in the future.

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