Alyssa - Biology

Science Ambassador


Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I'm not entirely sure yet! I'm still deciding if I would like to specialize in either Microbiology or Molecular biology, but I'm hoping to take the information and skills I gain from lectures, labs and co-op throughout the rest of my degree to hopefully go on to do lab work and research!

Favourite food: Sweet Potato Fries

How I get involved: My first year I didn't get too involved, so I decided to start to branch out this year into the Waterloo community. It's never too late to get involved! So far this year I was an orientation week leader with the Federation of Students, I am getting involved as a Science Ambassador and I am also going to be involved as a volunteer for Science Outreach!

Why I love my program

What initially drew me to this program was how diverse your first year is. You get the chance to sample so many different areas of biology, and really find out what is the most interesting for you! It also gives you a great appreciation for the diverseness of the field. On top of that, this program offers co-op and I'm looking forward to the valuable experiences that I will be able to gain from it.

Why University of Waterloo?

When I initially toured the Waterloo campus when I was in grade 12, I fell in love with the atmosphere. I felt this sense of belonging and that I would really come to feel at home in this place, which was important for me since coming out to Waterloo would mean living away from home. Once I started school here, that sense of belonging remains the same, if not stronger.

University of Waterloo

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