Amanda - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador

Amanda looking back and pointing at her jacket that has the word "Amanda' written on itYear: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I want to work as a pharmacist in direct patient care.

Favourite food: I could eat pizza all day everyday.

How I get involved: I've tried out lots of different things including being a residence ambassador, an orientation week leader, a Let's Talk Science Volunteer, and President of Fashion for Change. This year I'll be participating in mock OSCE club, science ambassadors, and pharmacy ambassadors. I'm the Kitchener campus representative for student council and I help run virtual STEAM programming for local youth with LAUNCH.




Why I love my program

I love my program because I love to learn how and why drugs are used to treat health conditions. With pharmacy I get to learn how medications work from a microscopic level up and learn how to use that knowledge to make the best possible medication decisions with patients.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose to come to Waterloo because of all of the knowledgeable and friendly people I met when I was first touring the university. They made me feel comfortable in Waterloo and from them I knew that there would be many people to help support me through my next five (and now nine!) years of school.
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