Ana - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador

Ana holding a Harry Potter Book and a plushy owl

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I'd like to end up in research one way or another, although I'm not super sure in what just yet. I'm super interested in things on a micro and molecular level so hopefully in a field where I get to do a lot of work with microorganisms!

Favourite food: Mangoes and potatoes, but not together!

How I get involved: Aside from being part of Sci Ambassadors, I'm involved on campus by being a member of UW's iGEM synthetic biology research team (10/10 would recommend, it's a great group of people and an awesome experience!!), I'm the Biochemistry Student Director on the Faculty of Science Foundation, I was a Residence Ambassador in first year and I was an O-Week Leader for this year's orientation.

Why I love my program

Biochemistry at UW is such a fun time and such a great group of people. I really love that we get to learn so much about chemistry and then apply that to biological systems. It's  also definitely a program where you do a lot of analytical thinking and I really like that about it. Plus, gaining such a deep understanding of both chemistry and biology really opens up the kind of opportunities I can pursue later in life.

Why University of Waterloo?

There are so many reasons why I chose UW. The variety of upper year courses I could take and how cool they all seemed to me played a big role in my decision. The renowned co-op program was also a huge attraction for me. Another big part of my decision was how much of a family the science faculty felt like. I remember coming to the March Break Open House when I was in grade twelve and receiving such a warm welcome and feeling like there was something special about UW. After that day I knew that UW Science was definitely something I wanted to be a part of!
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