Areeba - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador

AreebaYear: 1

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Pharmacist

Favourite food: Gulab Jamuns (South Asian sweet)

How I get involved: Last year, I was a copy editor for Imprint, AccessAbility services study partner, and a Let's Talk Science volunteer. This year, I will be a TA for BIOL130L as well as an ambassador. I am also hoping to start an online mental health-related service with the help of some folks at GreenHouse or Velocity.

Why I love my program

I value and appreciate the flexibility. I have the freedom to choose courses that are completely unrelated to science which allows me to explore other "side" interests I may have. I don't feel restricted to my chosen discipline which gives me the opportunity to grow and mature by taking completely different courses and learning from students in other faculties.

Why University of Waterloo?

My interest in pursuing the field of pharmacy lead me to apply to Waterloo. Waterloo has turned out to be the perfect place for me to be. I love the atmosphere, the courses, and the support.

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