Areeba - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador

Areeba reading a bookYear: 1

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I would like to work as a pharmacist in an innovative environment that fosters continuous learning and patient-centered care. I strive to challenge myself and grow throughout my future career while exploring multiple work settings.

Favourite food: Gulab Jamuns (South Asian sweet)

How I get involved: During my first few years as an Honours Science student at UWaterloo, I was involved as a copy editor for Imprint, AccessAbility Services study partner, Let's Talk Science volunteer, and a TA for BIOL130L. I'm excited to get involved with technology/research related clubs this year!

Why I love my program

I love the PharmD program at UWaterloo since it gives me the opportunity to learn about applicable healthcare subjects and apply them through co-op placements. I value the ability to explore various work environments and gain exposure to pharmacists who are practicing in non-traditional fields.

Furthermore, the supportive and welcoming atmosphere that has been established with my peers makes for an enriching learning experience. I look forward to the experiences we'll share as we undergo personal growth and development over the next few years.

Why University of Waterloo?

I choose UWaterloo because of the unique nature of the PharmD program. Since the diverse nature of pharmacy is one of the key factors that attracted me to the profession, the opportunity to explore various work environments through co-op placements was appealing to me.

Being a leader in innovation, UWaterloo also ensures that the pharmacy curriculum is adapted and updated in anticipation of the changes occurring in pharmacy practice, which ensures that graduates are well-equipped with the tools required to fulfill expanded scope responsibilities of the future.

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