Becca - Earth Sciences

Science Ambassador

Becca wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea out of a mugYear: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Hydrogeology

Career goal: My ultimate career goal is ever evolving. First, I would like to get my Professional Geoscientist designation. Then I would like to do field work to see remote and cool places of the word while conducting research. Once the inconsistency of a field work schedule doesn't fit my life anymore, I would like to go into teaching or perhaps academic advising.

Favourite food: I really love pasta. I could literally eat it for every meal.

How I get involved: I am involved at Saint Jerome's through their sustainability team (Green Team), volunteer at the Earth Science Museum, hold executive positions with my department club (WATROX), am a peer support volunteer with UW MATES, Science Ambassador program specialist, Lets Talk Science volunteer, UW Robotics team, I am a teaching assistant, undergraduate representative for FCSA, and a Student Success Office orientation leader.

Why I love my program

I picked Earth Science because I enjoyed each of the three major sciences in high school and this program combined them all.This program allows me to figure out the reason behind the natural phenomena that occur in the world that are beyond our control (which I find really cool). I also loved the diverse options in employment available after school. You can do field work, lab work, research, teaching, consulting, desk jobs, travel, there are so many options! What keeps me here is how tight everyone in my program is. I feel valued, encouraged, cared for, and love my earth science family (professors included!).

Why University of Waterloo?

I picked Waterloo due to it's super strong co op program, and the opportunity to try out different jobs applicable to my degree. I also enjoyed how my program was structured and included things that interested me and would push me intellectually. The small department size creates such a family feeling which is incredibly important to me. After coming to open houses, I saw how the students and professors interacted and loved how everyone was valued and encouraging. The Viewbook said "explore the world under your feet in close knit classes" and I was hooked.

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