Benjamin - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador

Benjamin goofy

Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Pharmaceutical and/or Vaccine Research and Development

Favourite food: Red Velvet Cake! My birthday is never complete without one!

How I get involved: I have been a part of the UWaterloo Concert Band, Archery Club, an executive of the Biochemistry Student Association, an Orientation Leader, and also a Peer Mentor taking part in the SciSoc Peer Mentorship Program.

Why I love my program

I love my program because I find it really interesting to see how the body reacts to different things in our system, for example when you take a drug or you get a vaccine administered. It seems so simple on the surface, but sometimes it can be so much more complicated than that. This, combined with the fact that the biochemists are such a tight knit community really makes me love my program.

Why University of Waterloo?

Coming out of high school, I wasn’t very sure as to where I wanted to go for university. It wasn’t until I visited the campus that I knew that I wanted to go here. From the people that I was able to meet and get advice from, to the incredible labs we have on campus, to the overall environment, my mind was made up from that point! Plus the fact that the co-op program here provides many incredible opportunities and experiences further concluded in my mind that this was the perfect school for me!

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