Benjamin - Chemistry

Science Ambassador

Ben is posing while wearing a cat onesieYear: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Research or Industry work with either Analytical fields or Polymer Chemistry

Favourite food: Sauerkraut and Borscht

How I get involved: Science Ambassador, Student Ambassador, Executive of ChemClub, Orientation Leader



Why I love my program

What I love most about Chemistry is that so many parts of what we study can help us understand all the basic little phenomena that we experience everyday. I feel that being in Chemistry I am learning the abilities and skills to create and discover new compounds and understandings about the world around us, and that I can take those skills and make a positive differences for all people. I love that everyday I get to learn more about all the small interactions that are going on with millions of atoms and molecules and even though it sometimes happens out of our control, somehow the universe continues to steer it in the right direction.

Why University of Waterloo?

When I was deciding which University to go to, the biggest factor for me was an environment that I felt comfortable in and represented who I was and who I wanted to become. Visiting the University of Waterloo, I found myself immersed in the ideas of change and filled with the passion to learn and create. I felt the students here were on paths to make an impact. And that during my time here, I would be able to grow and become part of something greater. And that no matter where I’d go or what I’d do, that I would go on and make meaningful change in the world. And the University of Waterloo was the place where I could make that start. Those were the ideas that I was filled with when I came to visit, and those are the same ideas I hold with this school today.
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