Bethany - Physics

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Minor: Philosophy

Specialization: Astrophysics

Career goal: I would love to work in Physics/Science Outreach & Communications - basically just getting to talk about how cool Physics is for the rest of my life would be great.

Favourite food: Right now it's burritos, but I swear it changes every week

How I get involved: I try to vary what I do, but I definitely love helping out with science related activities such as Science Orientation, Physics Interconnected, HeforShe Science, Women in STEM club and FEDS clubs, Science Ambassadors, Science Society, Let's Talk Science, and working for Velocity Science. I also have been helping with a St. Paul's Greenhouse initiative called Take Care, working for the IT services on campus (IST), EDGE, and Food Services.




Why I love my program

What got me into this program was the quality and variety of the Physics programs, and proximity to prestigious institutions such as the Perimeter Institute and the Institute for Quantum Computing. What has kept me here is all of the above, but also the Physics community. The students and faculty/staff are incredibly supportive of one another, and they have wonderful resources in place to help you succeed as best you can. I feel so happy that I can easily get to know everyone in my program, especially those who are younger and older than I am. It helps to really build and sustain the amazing community that is Physics at UWaterloo.

Why University of Waterloo?

When I visited Waterloo, I immediately connected with the campus and the people. I remember going on a tour and instantly connecting with my tour guide who was a current student. I felt like I had found my people, and that I was going to be able to easily connect with others on campus. Now that I am here, I know that I was right. I feel like I have found my people, and that I also have this great opportunity to get to know people I would have never gotten to know had I gone somewhere else. I also feel like I am being set up for success, and although the future is scary, I feel like there are so many resources and support systems in place that I can go to for help or guidance.

University of Waterloo

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