Carson - Earth Sciences

Science Ambassador


Year: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Specialization: Geology

Career goal: I want to be either a Survey or Research geologist

Favourite food: Classic French Canadian Poutine, although I'm quite pretentious about it

How I get involved: I am quite active, between being an ambassador, a Teaching Assistant, executive for the Earth and Environmental Sciences club, Volunteering for a professor, Orientation week leader, Earth Science museum volunteer and a Let's Talk Science volunteer.




Why I love my program

I get to go spend my time hiking through areas relatively unexplored by humans, seeing absolutely beautiful landscapes all the while uncovering the mystery that is the evolution of earth. Everyday I get to look back billions of years in the past and discovery how our planet (and all of its beautiful gems) came to be.

Why University of Waterloo?

I have met some of the best people that I have ever known here. The friendships that I have made throughout my time here will last me a lifetime and I wouldn't have it another way. The campus and the people that I have met here are an amazing community that makes me feel at home and gives me the ability to truly be myself.

University of Waterloo

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