Catharina - Honours Science

Science Ambassador

Catharina holding a mug with "David's Tea" in itYear: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Minors: Chemistry, Biology, and Fine Arts

Career goal: High school Chemistry teacher.

Favourite food: Tea

How I get involved: Other than being a Science Ambassador, I volunteer with Science Orientation, Let's Talk Science, and Science Open House. I am also a Teaching Assistant for first-year chemistry labs. 


Why I love my program

I really like the Honours Science program because it allows me to explore different areas of science and choose the courses that interest me the most. I also like that I have the flexibility in my program to take courses in other faculties. Personally, I like to balance my studies with courses outside of the science faculty so that I am able to experience a wide variety of subjects each term. This program is also helpful for my future goals as it allows me to complete any prerequisites needed for Teacher's College and my chosen teaching subjects.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo because it gave me the freedom to customize my degree to what will benefit me in my long term goals. Each person's undergraduate experience is unique and I appreciate how Waterloo allows you to make your degree unique to your own experience. I am able to specialize my own degree by adding minors from my own faculty as well as outside my faculty. Also, the EDGE program helps me to develop my professional skills as well as develop my leadership experiences.
University of Waterloo

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