Cherry - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador

Cherry goofyYear: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Complete my PharmD and work in a setting where I can apply my clinical knowledge while working directly with patients.

Favourite food: Bubble tea

How I get involved: Women’s ultimate frisbee team, Residence Life Don, Teaching Assistant for BIOL130L and BIOL273L, Science Ambassador, OSCE Preparation Club, SOPhS Communications Director



Why I love my program

I love pharmacy because it is an exciting profession that allows for flexible work settings. As pharmacists, we are experts on medications and their effects on the human body. Through collaboration with the patient and other healthcare professionals, we ultimately ensure the patient’s treatment is safe and effective.

Why University of Waterloo?

I came to the University of Waterloo because I was attracted to the pharmacy co-op program. It allows me to explore different career paths and apply the knowledge gained in class to real-life situations. Since I completed a minimum of two years in a science program at UW prior to pharmacy, I will be graduating with both a BSc and PharmD degree. After being on campus for 4+ years, I love the environment Waterloo provides and the convenience of everything on and off-campus.

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