Chloe - Environmental Science

Science Ambassador

Chloe holding a bag seaweed flavoured Lays chipsYear: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Ecology

Career goal: I hope to get a job that allows me to interact with nature on a daily basis and contribute to conservation efforts.

Favourite food: Croissants

How I get involved: So far, I’ve volunteered for the March Break Open House and You@Waterloo Day. This year, I’m planning to branch out more and join WATROX and volunteer either with Science Outreach or the Earth Sciences museum.

Why I love my program

I first chose this program because I wanted to do a mix of all the sciences with a focus on biology. As well, I love being in nature and learning outside and environmental science allows me to do just that. Now that I’ve been in it for a year, I’m staying with it because I’ve enjoyed my courses and the professors/TAs/classmates are great.

Why University of Waterloo?

It wasn’t one of my top choices since it was a little far from home until I took a tour on campus and saw the environmental science presentation during the Fall Open House. That was when I was able to envision myself living and studying here for my undergrad. The tour guides were very friendly and informative, the facilities looked great, and the campus enclosed in ring road seemed easy to navigate.

University of Waterloo

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