Chloe - Environmental Science

Science Ambassador

Chloe holding a bag seaweed flavoured Lays chipsYear: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Ecology

Career goal: I hope to one day obtain a position that allows me to interact with nature regularly, contribute to conservation efforts, and participate in community outreach!

Favourite food: Sinigang (a Filipino soup) or a freshly baked, flaky croissant

How I get involved: In my first year, I was a volunteer at the March Break Open House and You@Waterloo Day. In my 2A term, I joined the Science Ambassador team and was the secretary/poster maker for WATROX, our Earth and Environmental Sciences Club. I also volunteered for the Chem Lab Days where we host high school students and perform one of our first-year labs with them. For 2B, I was a Waterloo Ready Peer Mentor and Science Orientation Leader (both virtually). Although I'm on a co-op term now, I am continuing to be a peer mentor through Science Society (SciSoc), the Faculty of Science student government.

Why I love my program

I first chose this program because I wanted to do a mix of all the sciences with a focus on biology. As well, I love being in nature and learning outside, and environmental science allows me to do just that. For example, I've had one outdoor lab so far (EARTH 223, Field Methods in Hydrology) which gave me extremely valuable, fun, hands-on experience. I continue to enjoy my courses not only because of content, but also the great professors, teaching assistants and peers. Although I was debating between a few programs at first, I'm glad I chose environmental science.

Why University of Waterloo?

It wasn’t one of my top choices, since it was a little far from home, until I took a tour on campus and saw the environmental science presentation during the Fall Open House. That was when I was able to envision myself living and studying here for my undergrad. The compact campus surrounded by Ring Road felt safe and easy to navigate, the tour guides and presenters were very friendly and informative, and the facilities looked incredible (STC and that first year chem lab!). Later on, out of the 3 acceptances I received, Waterloo's was the only one that made me really excited.

University of Waterloo

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