Christian - Medicinal Chemistry

Science Ambassador

Christian drinking out of a white mugYear: PhD

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Finish a PhD and work with our collaborators at Pfizer.

Favourite food: Steak and baked potato

How I get involved: I've been a part of the ambassador team since 2013, and served as Chem club president from 2015-2016. During my undergrad and currently as a grad student, I'm a teaching assistant for multiple organic chemistry courses!


Why I love my program

Something you might not know is that I started out in Biomedical Science, and was dead set on becoming a pharmacist. However, I quickly realized that I loved doing research and working in synthesis. When I found out that I combine both of those with the Medicinal Chemistry program, the switch was an obvious one!

Why University of Waterloo?

Co-op was a huge selling point for me, especially since I'm currently working as a graduate student in one of the labs I worked in as my co-op during undergrad.

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