Deanna - Honours Science

Science Ambassador


Year: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Minors: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

Career goal: Nurse Practitioner

Favourite food: Watermelon

How I get involved: I am part of clubs such as Science ambassadors giving tours, attending open houses, etc. I was also a teaching assistant for organic chemistry labs during my third year at Waterloo, meeting and guiding many students to success




Why I love my program

This program is not JUST Honours Science...IT'S HONOURS SCIENCE ;) Why I got into this program? For the flexibility! I can gear my degree in the direction I want and make it specialized to me. I have the options to take the science courses I want and am not forced to take many required courses. What keeps me here? I enjoy the fact I can take a wide range of courses and explore not just one but multiple interesting topics.

Why University of Waterloo?

The educational reputation the school had is truly what drew me to attending Waterloo. However, what I like now that I am on campus are two things. The first is how involved one can be while on campus. You can join clubs, volunteer, become a teaching assistant, be a science ambassador, and much, much more. There is something for everyone here. Secondly, I feel as though the University of Waterloo is a no judgement zone. On campus I feel as though I can be the person I want to be without being judged or looked down upon. Being you is encouraged here and I think that's pretty cool!

University of Waterloo

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