Deep - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador

Christine holding a soccer ball and a Tim Hortons cup with iced coffeeYear: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Minor: Chemistry

Career goal: Cosmetic dentist

Favourite food: Burrito bowls

How I get involved: I get involved by participating in various volunteering events offered on campus (i.e. science open house), as well as opportunities off campus such as shadowing a dentist. I’m the social media coordinator for the non-profit organization Not Just Tourists, a Biol 130L TA, as well as a science ambassador!

Why I love my program

My program offers the flexibility I wanted in terms of choosing electives as well as the core courses I need to get into professional schools. Having the aspiration of wanting to get into dental school I wanted to choose a program that has many of the prerequisites embedded within it. Biomedical sciences do exactly that. All the mandatory courses I need to apply for dental school are the core compulsory courses part of the program. Not only that, having the 4 months off during the summer allows me to gain shadowing experience by volunteering under a dentist.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo because it is one of the only schools that allows you to work on your major from day one. Having this, you don’t really need to worry about taking courses that do not pertain to you. Also, Waterloo is conveniently located close to home (Mississauga) so it allows me to get the experience of living away from home, as well as have the ability to go back whenever I please.

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