Dylan - Earth Sciences

Science Ambassador


Year: 2

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I'm really not sure, but currently the mining industry and environmental geology interest me.

Favourite food: Homemade pie is the best!

How I get involved: Intramurals and Science Ambassadors.

Why I love my program

When you look around, you come to greatly appreciate human history, but then you start to question what came before us, you start to think and then look beneath your feet. The Earth is always changing and has a history just as interesting to me as our own. I've always had a love of the Earth, and for me geology is the means for which I can come to best understand it.

Why University of Waterloo?

Just as many people will tell you, I mainly came to Waterloo for its co-op program. I could have gone to my local university but decided I wanted a new experience. That was a great decision, and as many people will also tell you, Waterloo is far more than just co-op. Through the ups and downs of life Waterloo is full of amazing people and great opportunities which have allowed me to come to greatly appreciate this experience as a whole.

University of Waterloo

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