Emilie - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador

Emilie goofy

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: That's the sum-I've-paid-in-schooling dollar question. I can definitely see myself staying in academia to do research and teach, but research on what? I have no idea.

Favourite food: Kawartha Dairy ice cream and pumpkin pie

How I get involved: I do boxing and Shaolin kung fu on campus (I had zero experience going in, they're both very fun, I highly recommend them). I also play ultimate frisbee. I'm looking forward to getting involved as an Ambassador now too!

Why I love my program

I love my program because it's challenging and incredibly interesting. Getting a healthy dose of a variety of different biology and chemistry topics has been awesome. I also love the experience that labs provide.

Why University of Waterloo?

The co-op program definitely drew me to Waterloo. Having the opportunity to try out different kinds of jobs in different fields has helped me get a better idea of what I'm interested in and what I'm not.

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