Emma - Chemistry

Science Ambassador

Emma fun

Year: 4

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Analytical Chemist

Favourite food: Gnocchi

How I get involved: I have volunteered at events such as Science Open House and Chem Lab days where I did experiments and taught chemistry to young students. I am also a Teaching Assistant for a second-year analytical chemistry lab.

Why I love my program

I really like that chemistry makes me think about how the world works at a molecular level and what builds up everything around us. Chemistry is connected to so many other areas of science that I can use the things I learn in a wide variety of fields. I have been able to apply chemistry to study many things such as pharmaceutical development, water contamination, and materials research. I also love working in a lab!! Every day is different and running experiments challenges me to find unique ways to solve problems. 

Why University of Waterloo?

I mainly chose to come to Waterloo for the co-op program. Having 5 terms to work in a real-world lab setting has allowed me to practice my skills and figure out what areas of chemistry I want to pursue in the future. I also really liked the fact that I could specialize in chemistry from my first year and focus on taking classes I enjoyed!

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