Jenny - Biomedical Science

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: I'm hoping to become a doctor in the field of paediatrics or gynacology/obstetrics (but we'll see where life takes me)

Favourite food: Ice cream! (even in the dead of winter)

How I get involved: I actively try to get involved in many different ways! I volunteer with Science Outreach, Let's Talk Science, and the Biology Undergraduate Society. I also do many part-time jobs including a Peer Leader in residence, a teaching assistant, a tutor, and more. I love being involved in Orientation, especially within the faculty. Last but not least, I'm a Science Ambassador!

Why I love my program

I chose this program because I wanted to apply to optometry at UWaterloo in my 3rd year! I like the courses that I was required to take, I like the flexibility of the program, and I like that it fulfilled most of my requirements for professional school. We also have to take many labs which helps prepare you for the workplace and gain practical skills. I enjoy the wide range of courses we have to take which allows you to explore your interests.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo because I grew up in the area and went on a Science Tour that showed me the new facilities, resources, and what Science has to offer in academics and outside of academics. I'm so happy I chose this school because I love the science community and how close-knit it is, even in a large campus. I especially enjoy the departmental clubs that promote wellness, hold events, and are a great place to meet people and study.

University of Waterloo

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