Joy - Science and Aviation

Science Ambassador

Joy wearing a pilot headset and holding a rubber duckYear: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Specialization: Earth Sciences

Career goal: After graduation, I'd like to become a flight instructor or a bush pilot! Ultimately, a commercial pilot!

Favourite food: Mac and Cheese

How I get involved: Over my last few years here at the University of Waterloo, I've had the chance to act as an Events Coordinator for our Aviation Society. I have also volunteered at Science CnD as a cashier, AVIA 101 as a Teaching Assistant, and Science Orientation as Sci-Eye! For clubs, I join the UW Concert Band Club during the summers!

Why I love my program

I chose this program because it has both science and aviation integrated in it. I stayed because of the tight-knit community that it comes with since the number of students taking it is relatively small compared to other programs in Waterloo. Here, I was able to make close friends who are all interested in the same topic, aviation, and are willing to support each other when tough times arise either through science courses, flying, or anything else!

Why University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo is the only university that has Science and Aviation as a program. It was the perfect program for me because out of all of my courses in high school, science was the most interesting to me and I wanted to learn more on that subject. I also wanted a Bachelor's degree and I wanted to become a pilot over everything else. So, not only do I get to learn more about science and get a degree in science, but I also get a license to become a pilot!

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