Julia - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador

Julia holding a large book and a black cyclic compound made of plasticYear: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I'm hoping to either pursue graduate school (immunology or cell biology) or a professional degree.

Favourite food: Mac and cheese

How I get involved: Some ways I've been involved on campus throughout the past three years includes acting as First Year Rep and Advocacy Coordinator for Science Society and being a Secretary for the Biochem Student Association (BSA). I have been a Science Orientation Leader, a Peer Health Educator, as well as a Research Assistant for Dr. Barb Moffat. I have also worked part-time as a Teaching Assistant for three courses (BIOL 130L, BIOL 239 and CHEM 220L).

Why I love my program

I love Biochemistry because it allows you to study the logic behind biological systems. I've also found that the program has given me a lot of hands-on experience, through labs and co-op positions.

Why University of Waterloo?

I wanted to come to UWaterloo because I loved the vibe of the campus and the co-op program. I could tell that UW was a place I could thrive in.
University of Waterloo

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