Julia - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Biotechnology

Career goal: Genetics Research

Favourite food: Mac and cheese

How I get involved: During my first year I was a First Year Representative for SciSoc (Science Society), and helped to organize a lot of events for Science Undergraduate students. I also was a floor representative for residence council and hung around a lot of the faculty clubs, like Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS) or Biochemistry Student Association (BSA). Now that I'm in my second year, I am an Orientation-Week Front-Line Leader, a Science Ambassador and a Cell Biology Lab (BIOL 130L) Teaching Assistant.

Why I love my program

Biochemistry is an amazing field of study. I loved chemistry in highschool, but still wanted to study biology further. Being a Biochemistry student also allows me to study macro-sized problems, like disease and evolution, on the atomic scale. With all of the labs required, you get a lot of hands-on experience, and can get even more with co-op. Lastly, Biochemistry is a field that is challenging, and has helped me become an excellent problem solver and communicator.

Why University of Waterloo?

My decision to come to the University of Waterloo felt like the only choice. When visiting, all of the upper-year students seemed willing to help and give their advice. I saw all of the excellent laboratory facilities in the Science Teaching Complex and could imagine myself working away in a chemistry or biology lab. UWaterloo also has a well developed co-operative education program for science students, and I knew it would give me the best experience during my undergraduate degree. Most of all, I could see myself fitting in here, and during each visit to the school, it felt more and more like home.
University of Waterloo

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