Kajal - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Currently, I am hoping to succeed in Pharmacy school. In the future, I hope to have my own community pharmacy where I can form meaningful relationships with the community around me!

Favourite food: Chocolate and Coffee

How I get involved: I have had the opportunity to be Vice President of Sponsorship for an organization called WarmWorkers Waterloo where we raised funds to buy the necessities for the homeless community. I am involved in the Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program where I connect with youth to teach them about the world of science. I have also been a volunteer at Waterloo Open Houses to help and guide new students. On a smaller scale, I also participate in and help run activities in other school clubs such as Crafts for Charity, UNICEF, and the Pre-Pharmacy Club.

Why I love my program

What I love most about my program is the incredible amount of flexibility that it allows me to have! I'm able to learn about all the basic sciences, while still having time to discover new pathways that I am interested in. I love that it allows me to dive outside my comfort zone and take courses that I would have never thought of taking before.

Why University of Waterloo?

The reason I was drawn to the University of Waterloo is because it allowed me to have a great balance of academics and socialization. It's the perfect environment to study hard when needed, but have tons of fun all around campus. From my first visit to UWaterloo, it was clear to me that I would be able to reach my career goals and personal goals all in the same place!

University of Waterloo

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