Kyla - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador

Kyla goofyYear: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Dermatologist

Favourite food: Any Dessert With Chocolate

How I get involved: In my first and second year I went to the clubs fair where you can learn all about the different clubs and societies on campus. I have been involved with the UWaterloo Pre-Medical Club as an executive member for two years and now I am also a student ambassador for the faculty of science!

Why I love my program

I have had a strong interest in being a doctor for many years and Biomedical science has allowed me to widen my knowledge on biology and better understand the body through many different aspects of science. In this program you are able to take courses like anatomy, human physiology, histology and many others that really strengthened my love for science. This program is also a great way to help prepare you for tests like the MCAT that covers subjects like physics, biology and chemistry which are all apart of the Biomedical science program.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose to go to the University of Waterloo not only for the Biomedical Science program but I really liked all of the support the University offers students to get extra help on different courses so you can gain more confidence in your classes. When visiting the campus for the first time during You at Waterloo day I immediately felt at home as the campus has such a warm and welcoming environment.

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