Leona - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador


Year: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: With the knowledge that I am gaining every day, I hope to be able to use it towards helping individuals one day.

Favourite food: Bubble Tea and Cheesecake!

How I get involved: By having a variety of interests, I have been involved with a diverse range of extra-curricular including: Orientation Week, Science Student Help Team, Hack the North and being a member of the Science Ambassador Team.




Why I love my program

Despite the huge class size in my program, the relationships that each student shares with their fellow peers and professors are outstanding. This huge cohort is synonymous to a big family. Everybody works collaboratively to help, support and motivate one another to succeed. Truthfully, Biomedical Sciences is synonymous to a tight-knit family, which makes transitioning into university a lot less overwhelming. I also enjoy the flexibility of my schedule as well as the variety courses offered and the breadth of knowledge that I am gaining.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose Biomedical Sciences because my dream is to be able to apply my knowledge of human physiology and anatomy within the field of health care to help thousands of people. With the flexibility of my program, I am able to explore a diversity of courses that will not only provide me with a strong foundation in both practice and theory, but will also prepare me for careers in medicine, allied health professions, and biomedical research once I have completed my degree.
University of Waterloo

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