Lilli - Chemistry

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Materials Chemistry

Career goal: Chemistry/Math teacher.

Favourite food: Teriyaki Beef

How I get involved: ChemClub Executive, volunteered with Let's Talk Science, Waterloo Orientation, and the Science Open House. I regularly swim, weight train, and cycle.




Why I love my program

I love chemistry because i get to learn how the world really works on a scale so different from every day life. When i look at at nature, i see beauty, but also the interaction of molecules and the exchange of energy.

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose Waterloo because the students here have a passion for learning and for science. There are endless opportunities to get involved on campus within science, athletics, and even volunteering. As an out of province student, Waterloo made me feel like a valued student even before I accepted my offer. Advisers traveled to my city and personally met with me to help me understand what university would be like. I connected with other prospective students over social media and found that we all shared common interests. On top of Waterloo feeling like home before I'd been to the campus, the option to have co-op within my academic program was something special.
University of Waterloo

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