Maggie - Honours Science

Science Ambassador

Maggie-goofyYear: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Minor: Biology

Career goal: Either healthcare related or something that will allow me to communicate and help others, such as an advisor of some sort! I'm still keeping an open mind to see where the road takes me!

Favourite food: Really depends on the day, but I am always down for some chicken alfredo pasta

How I get involved: Throughout my years at Waterloo, I've been involved in many different aspects of campus life! I have been a Residence Ambassador, an Orientation Leader and Coordinator, a BUGS Exec, and I also have helped volunteer at a lab! Another way I stay involved is by doing intramurals, such as volleyball and dodgeball, which helps me to stay active during the school year!

Why I love my program

What I love about my program is the flexibility that the program allows for its students. For me personally, taking a full course load is a bit tough, especially when also being involved in extracurriculars, but Honours Science allows you to really personalize your own degree and work at your own pace! As well, it gives you the ability to take a variety of different courses throughout your undergraduate degree, from Classical Mythology to any language course of your choosing! I benefitted from this greatly, as I strongly believe it made me a very well-rounded person and I learned various kinds of skill sets from these classes, all while enjoying what I do!

Why University of Waterloo?

I chose the University of Waterloo for the community, especially within the Faculty of Science! When I came to visit during high school, I vividly remember the amazing experience I had interacting with Science Ambassadors. They welcomed me with so much enthusiasm, all while maintaining a level of professionalism, and I thought to myself "wow, I want to be one of these people when I'm at this school," and guess what? I made it! The Science community all throughout my years at Waterloo have really become like a second home to me, and I am super grateful to have met all these amazing individuals here at Waterloo!

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