Manav - Science and Business

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I always jump between various interests but here is my attempt at distilling my career ambitions. "I want to help solve important problems for people by using the power of science, business, technology and design". Whether that might be in the form of a product manager, a healthcare researcher or a business consultant, I want to improve the lives of people everywhere.

Favourite food: Chocolate milk

How I get involved: From my first term on campus, I was super eager to meet new people and learn as much as possible. I got involved with SBSA (the Science and Business Students' Association) as a first year representative. In my 2B summer term I also got the opportunity to be a part of the Science Society as an External Coordinator. Through both of these experiences, I connected with and became really close friends with amazing individuals that were Science and Business or in the Faculty of Science as a whole. I would strongly encourage everyone to get involved with something, as it really keeps you balanced and offers the great chance to build new, fun and meaningful friendships with students.




Why I love my program

Science and Business (SciBus) is honestly a truly unique program. It offers me the opportunity to learn about both disciplines simultaneously, build important "soft skills" through hands-on workshops, and experiment with different jobs in coop! I've had the flexibility to choose from 7 different science specializations and the ability to become involved with up to 3 SciBus specific student clubs. I love SciBus because it has helped me explore the world of business and technology, understand a diverse array of problems, and meet a very engaged cohort of students who I am happy to call my family.

Why University of Waterloo?

SciBus was unique enough of a program for me to want to come and was my number one reason. A well established paid coop program was my second reason. Opportunities to get involved with entrepreneurship and the startup community was third. Lastly, fourth, I believed in Waterloo and the stories they would share about students making impact all over the world. I had the desire to make my own impact and meet other students who were interested in ideas big and small.

University of Waterloo

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