Matthew - Biomedical Sciences

Science Ambassador

Matthew holding a small DNA model and a Tim Hortons coffee cupYear: 4

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: Medical researcher in the field of oncology

Favourite food: Fish tacos

How I get involved:  I am a member of the Waterloo iGEM team, I have participated in on-campus research, I have worked as a teaching assistant for a first-year lab, and I am currently working as a Writing & Communication Centre Drop-in Peer Tutor.

Why I love my program

 I love that the Biomedical Sciences program offers me the flexibility to explore my interests while satisfying all of the professional school requirements.

Why University of Waterloo?

 I chose the University of Waterloo for three reasons: 1) There are so many things to do in the city of Waterloo, 2) The school offers so many amazing opportunities to students, such as intramurals, undergraduate TA opportunities, and research opportunities, and 3) The Waterloo school community is very welcoming and I feel very at-home on campus.

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