Meghan - Life Physics

Science Ambassador


Year: 4

Stream of study: Co-op

Minor: French & Applied Language Studies

Specialization: Medical Physics

Career goal: I want to pursue graduate studies in Medical Physics and ultimately become a medical physicist. Cancer research has been an interest of mine for over half my life, so medical physics is the perfect field for me to explore my interests.

Favourite food: Tacos

How I get involved: I am a Model Director for UW’s annual charity fashion show, Fashion for Change, benefiting WE Charity and volunteer with the Conversation Partner Program at the Renison International Office. In the past, I have been a Team Captain and Front Line Leader for Science Orientation, an athlete on the Varsity Track and Field team, model and music producer with Fashion for Change, volunteer with UW WELL-FIT, and a committee member of the 2017 Women in Physics Canada Conference.

Why I love my program

Entering university, I didn't want to choose between biology and physics, so Life Physics was a perfect choice for me. It seamlessly blends the two fields together making learning super interdisciplinary. Since we’re a smaller program, you truly get to know the other students in Life Physics really well over the years and I’ve become lifelong friends with the people I’ve met.

Why University of Waterloo?

In addition to the amazing co-op program, Waterloo is the perfect home away from home. It’s close enough to my hometown of Unionville that a quick weekend trip is super convenient, but far enough for me to grow as an independent adult. Everyone on campus is super open and welcoming, making it the perfect environment for learning and growth.

University of Waterloo

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