Nicki - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador

Nicki smiling at  a mushroom that she is holding up in the airYear: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: I would like to continue doing research in Science (maybe as a professor), likely some combination of bioinformatics, biochemistry and microbiology!

Favourite food: Calamari

How I get involved: I am one of the lab leads for the iGEM team. I have also tried a lot of things around campus so far, such as opportutoring, orientation, and a bunch of Science clubs.


Why I love my program

I switched into Biochemistry after my first term: I wanted more labs, more hands-on experience, and more Chemistry!

Why University of Waterloo?

I heard about the iGEM team and I was really attracted by the co-op program. I'm happy I get to travel every 4 months on co-op and contribute to Scientific research during my studies (I didn't want to wait until after my undergraduate degree)!

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