Nicole - Science and Business

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Biology

Career goal: I am using my co-op experiences as a way to explore what I like and do not like! At the moment, I am really enjoying hands-on lab work, and so am considering either doing research in a government lab or going into industry to work in food quality control and assurance. I still want to explore this sector with co-op, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to do so!

Favourite food: Raspberries!!!

How I get involved: Science Ambassador, Student Ambassador, Vice President of Science and Business Student Association,  Waterloo iGEM Lab and Design Member, Orientation Leader (Front-Line and Fun Police), Intramurals (Soccer and Dodgeball), Lab Volunteer at the Canadian Phycological Culture Centre on campus (algae lab!), Lab Volunteer in professor's lab on campus, University of Waterloo Canadian Blood Services Volunteer, Tour Guide at Open House at UW Place Residence, General Volunteer at other Open Houses



Why I love my program

I love how Science and Business is so tight-knit and how we get to know each other so well. There is so much support from peers, upper years, and our instructors. During our Science and Business Workshops we get to connect with our team members, which switch every term to allow us to bond with more people in our program. By working together in a hands-on environment, we get to know the strengths of each other and improve our teamwork and communication. We are really able to develop our soft and hard skills. We also have many options open to us in co-op and the future, since we have a strong background in both the science side of life and business view of the world. It’s a unique program that truly prepares you for the real world!

Why University of Waterloo?

The greatest factor in me coming to Waterloo was the program. Science and Business (SciBus) is not found anywhere else, and opens many different doors as shown through the alumni working in varying companies all over the world! I wanted to be prepared for the workforce, and SciBus at UW is helping me to achieve just that! By having access to the largest co-op program in Canada, I can explore so many different career opportunities for myself and build a worldwide network. It’s absolutely incredible where co-op can take you, and I am so glad I am in a co-op program. I am also originally from Kitchener, so being able to attend a well-known university while staying in my region was a bonus. It’s nice to be in a familiar city and spend time with family when I have some free time. This made my first co-op adventure to Alberta even more special!
University of Waterloo

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