Ravicha - Science and Business

Science Ambassador

Ravicha smiling

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Minor: Economics

Diploma: Chinese Language

Career goal: I honestly change my mind every few months, so we shall see. Still debating between becoming an astronaut or starting my own consulting firm.

Favourite food: Pizza, all day any day!

How I get involved: Science Ambassador, Health Promotion & Recreation Ambassador, Science & Business Student Association (SBSA), WatSolve Consulting Group, UW Wellness Days & I'm an aquafitness instructor on campus!

Why I love my program

I love the flexibility that the program gives me. For someone who's equally in love with both science and business, it's great that the program allows me to take courses about hydrology or even computational biology and then completely shift into macroeconomics and marketing. The science and business workshops are also really great in allowing us to really combine science and business elements into our coursework and group presentations. To end off, the community vibe that this program has created is honestly unmatched and makes the university experience a million times better.

Why University of Waterloo?

I'm originally from Toronto and Waterloo was the perfect distance away from home :) The co-op program was also a huge factor in my decision because I'm a huge experiential learner. I love how I can work and study, hand in hand as I complete my degree.

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