Reshani- Honours Science

Science Ambassador

Reshani wearing a labcoat and goggles that say "FUPO" on themYear: 2

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: I have always enjoyed working in a team and helping people so I always knew that the health care field is where I want to be. I would like to have a career in pharmacy, or somewhere within the health care field where I get to directly interact with a variety of people, both patients, and other health care professionals.

Favourite food: Nanaimo bars, cheesecake, ice cream....anything sweet really.

How I get involved: Science Orientation, Let's Talk Science, Peer health educator, Swimming with a mission, UW global medical brigades chapter.

Why I love my program

Honours Science gives me a lot of flexibility in the courses I take. It allows me to explore my interests both in the science world and the non-science world which has enabled me to receive an academically well-rounded education. It also prepares me to meet the admission requirements for professional school in a timely manner.

Why University of Waterloo?

Waterloo is a friendly and welcoming environment. The campus provides spaces where you can study hard when needed, but also have tons of fun. When I first toured the Waterloo campus I felt welcomed right away and then I knew this is where I wanted to go for university.

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