Ridhee - Physics and Astronomy

Science Ambassador

Ridhee goofy

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Minor: Environmental Assessment Diploma

Career goal: I want to build telescopes and instruments that go into telescopes and make them better. I love how cool it is to be able to look at objects with literally two mirrors connected to a computer. In addition to this, I want to research on extra-solar systems and exoplanets.

Favourite food: My favourite food has to be salads with fruits (not fruit salads but salads that have some fruit component in it)

How I get involved: I try and find clubs that peak my interest. For example, I enjoy coding and through this interest I found the Coffee 'N Code club. It helps me learn coding for web development and applications and helps me gain skills in marketing and event organization. I love expanding my network and my skills and finding opportunities that help me do that is the main motivation that I have to get involved. In addition, there are many clubs registered with WUSA that help with working out and are interest based. Some of them include dance classes such as hip-hop and some of them are more martial arts based such as muay thai. Classes like these help me de-stress and build various hobbies.

Why I love my program

Physics and Astronomy at Waterloo has taught me things about this field of study that I never would have known otherwise. It has also taught me a lot about problem-solving and having a solution based mindset. The main reason I love my program is because it has challenged me and made me push myself like no other subject ever has. Physics here has helped me expand what I know about the physical world and how it works. I get to study and work with amazing people in the program and learn from Professors who are leaders in their field.

Why University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo offered me a chance to apply my knowledge in the real world. With physics, I wanted to find out what I could do with an undergraduate degree. In addition, I found out about the Institute of Quantum Computing and the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics. It gave me an idea of the amazing research being done right here on campus and how I can get involved in. Since being here, the co-op program at Waterloo gave me a chance to understand how physics improves multiple skills that I have. It not only makes me a better problem-solver, it also gives me the skills to quickly adapt and learn new technologies and concepts. This has helped in exploring diverse co-op opportunities that range from research jobs to working in a startup doing creative and problem-solving work. The University of Waterloo gave me the opportunity to understand how this degree helps me while learning core physical concepts that fascinate me.

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