Sarah - Pharmacy

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Career goal: To earn my Doctor of Pharmacy degree and work in a clinical setting where I can focus on educating patients about their health.

Favourite food: Pretty much anything sweet, like cheesecake!

How I get involved: Throughout my undergraduate studies at University of Waterloo, I have enjoyed actively participating in the school community. During my second and third year I was a volunteer with the Let's Talk Science program, helping to inspire youth to pursue a career in science by sharing my passion and experiences. I also had the privilege of being chosen as Vice President of Events for the UW Pre-Pharmacy Club after being a general member during my first year at university. In this role, I helped to plan and organize events for the other members. In my second year at the university, I also became a teaching assistant for the Department of Biology. This position was incredibly rewarding as it allowed me pursue my love of teaching while connecting with other students at the school. Finally, I have been a part of the Science Ambassador Team for the past two years, communicating with prospective students and their parents to help guide them towards finding the right programs for them.




Why I love my program

I love that my program gives me the flexibility to pursue both my passion for science, particularly organic chemistry, and my love of languages while exposing me to a welcoming and supportive community of professors and fellow students both within and outside the Faculty of Science.

Why University of Waterloo?

Attending the Waterloo Fall Open House in my grade twelve year of high school, I was stuck by a deep sense of belonging and from that moment I knew for sure that I wanted to attend the University of Waterloo. I chose to study at UWaterloo not only due to the deep connection I felt to the school environment and community but also because I wanted to study at an institution that nurtured my educational goals, along with developing my creativity. I felt that Waterloo would provide me with great skills, useful in my area of study, which would allow me to achieve my goal of earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and helping to improve the health of the community through education.
University of Waterloo

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