Sebastien - Biotechnology/Economics

Science Ambassador

Sebastien holding his rock climbing shoesYear: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: Happiness

Favourite food: Cheesecake

How I get involved:

I have spent two years as a member of UW's synthetic biology design team, iGEM. I have volunteered as both an Orientation week leader and coordinator for the Faculty of Science, and some of my closest friends were made through Orientation.


Why I love my program

I started off in Biotechnology and Economics with an incredibly strong interest in biotechnology, and with a desire to pursue a degree with a business element to keep myself well-rounded. Two years later and I have found myself equally enthralled by the two fields and learning more each day. The program itself is quite small, but incredibly tight knit as a result. It's wonderful to be surrounded by bright-minded young people to teach and to learn from.

Why University of Waterloo?

Whenever I visited the Waterloo I always greatly enjoyed the energy of the campus, it just felt well suited to me very early on. St. Jerome's seemed like (and ended up being) an incredible residence experience for me. Now that I'm here, I find that the students here are generally quite like minded to myself. Hard working and driven, yet interested in enjoying life, community oriented, and looking to make strong friendships. I couldn't feel more at home.

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