Tim - Biology

Science Ambassador

Tim goofyYear: 1 (PhD)

Stream of study: Regular

Specialization: Microbiology

Career goal: To continue studying the impacts of climate change exacerbated disturbances on bacterial communities in source waters and the challenges they pose to drinking water treatment and infrastructure.

Favourite food: Any and all breakfast food.

How I get involved: I volunteered for Science Orientation for four years and for the Science Ambassador team for what is now the start of my sixth year. I have also previously been a Peer Leader for first year science students in residence. Over the years I have participated in intramural sports including soccer (indoor and outdoor), volleyball and dodgeball.

Why I love my program

Biology offered flexibility in structuring my undergraduate courses in a way that allowed me to take courses that aligned with my interests while also having the opportunity to take courses from other fields. From this, I was able to focus my studies on microbiology while also taking environment and ecology courses. This flexibility ultimately paved the way for my academic career as I am now conducting research in environmental microbiology as I study bacteria within water and sediment from drinking water sources. Since biology is a broad field, there are many courses available to take from various disciplines, but this gives you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and tailor your degree in a way that best fits you and your interests.

Why University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo is unique as there is no general first year but rather you start taking classes related to your program on day one. This was a big factor for me with choosing the University of Waterloo as I didn't want to take courses that didn't align with my interests. What kept me here was the community. Once I started to get involved with various volunteer programs, participating in extra-curriculars and attending faculty and program events, I grew attached to the school and the people. The experiences I had and the friends I made have shaped me into the person I am today and I will always cherish these memories.

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