Timothy - Biology

Science Ambassador


Year: 4

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Microbiology

Career goal: I would like to use the skills I have learned in my microbiology courses to do research involving yeast and fermentation and perhaps one day I'll start my own company.

Favourite food: Bacon and eggs with a large cup of coffee

How I get involved: Other than being an ambassador, I have been involved with Orientation for three years. During my years being involved with Orientation, I have been a frontline leader, a Fun Police and most recently a Federation Orientation Committee member which required me to plan, develop and run Science Orientation 2017. Other volunteer programs I have been involved with were Science Student Help Team where I was a mentor for science students, and for Let's Talk Science which involves engaging grade school kids in science related activities.




Why I love my program

By studying Biology, you can study a variety of different topics. I study microbiology primarily, yet I have also taken other biology courses that interest me, such as molecular genetics and environmental biology courses. The flexibility of what you can study really allows you to take courses that interest you and that you are very passionate about. What is really cool is that the classes I have taken out of interest can be related back to my studies in microbiology. I have learned about not only microorganisms themselves but their involvement in medicine, food production, and the environment they live in.

Why University of Waterloo?

For me the science faculty was a perfect fit here at the University of Waterloo. I wanted to study a specific science field without having to be forced to take courses I wasn't interested in. Science at the University of Waterloo allowed me to focus studying on what I wanted to study.

I'm also from a small town called Erin. When choosing universities, I wanted to experience living in a larger city than what I was use to while also not being too far from home. Waterloo was that perfect balance. I was able to experience living in an entirely new environment while still being able to see my family.

University of Waterloo

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