Winnie - Science and Aviation

Science Ambassador

Winnie holding a small airplane modelYear: 3

Stream of study: Regular

Specialization: Earth Sciences

Career goal: Ultimately I want to become an airline pilot, but after graduation I would love to become a flight instructor and potentially fly float planes for a couple of years!

Favourite food: Sushi and Lasagna!

How I get involved: Currently, I am a Residence Life Don, Teaching Assistant for AVIA 100, and of course, a Science Ambassador. Previously, I was a Residence Ambassador and a Science Orientation Leader. At the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre I volunteered for Girls Can Fly Day and Aviation Fun Day.

Why I love my program

It combines two of the things I love, science and aviation! Not only do I get to fuel the curiosity of my inner scientist, I also get to fulfil my dreams of flying. The community within the program is also something I love! Everyone is so passionate about aviation and willing to help each other succeed!

Why University of Waterloo?

Science and Aviation is a one of a kind program offered only at the University of Waterloo. I also loved the school, faculty spirit, and friendly environment when I visited UW in grade 12 and wanted to be part of it all!

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