Create world-class research infrastructure within the Faculty of Science

The availability of high-quality space plays a crucial role in the success of all post-secondary institutions engaged in novel research, particularly those engaged in studies of the living and physical world. Owing to the breadth and diversity of fields studied in the Faculty of Science, we must satisfy a wide variety of physical requirements in order to provide safe and fully-serviced spaces for our researchers. Examples of the diversity of our current space requirements include, but are not limited to, research laboratories, office space for theorists, growth and incubation facilities for samples and organisms, and clinical space for interaction with the public. A significant concern for planning is that much of the Faculty of Science is housed in buildings which do not meet our essential requirements. Given that Science occupies some of the oldest buildings on campus, several of which are between 40 and 50 years old, many of our facilities require significant upgrading in order to renew our existing research capabilities. 

To achieve this goal, we will:

Objective 3.1: Establish new Faculty of Science research buildings and facilities  

Objective 3.2: Modernize existing facilities to increase and improve research space

Objective 3.3: Establish Faculty-wide instrumentation programs or centres