The Faculty of Science uses basic guidelines for co-op work term reports

Biotechnology/Economics, Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accounting, and Science and Business students should follow guidelines specifically outlined on the Science and Business website.

Psychology students should review the Psychology work term report requirements and instructions.

Confidential work reports have additional information that should be reviewed prior to writing.

How many work reports must be submitted in addition to the PD11 report?

A minimum of 2 work term reports must be submitted in addition to the PD11 report. The PD11 report counts as the first work term report for all Science students.

Due dates

Science work reports are due during the office hours (but no later than 4 p.m.) on the 5th day of lectures in the study term that follows your co-op term. If you are doing a double co-op term, the work report(s) are due on the 5th day of lectures in your first study term following the work terms.

The work term and study term sequences for the Faculty of Science is available here.

Where to submit the report?

Extensions for late submission, with reasons, must be approved by Dr. Stefan Idziak, Associate Dean for Co-operative Education.