Seeing the world like a scientist.

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How do you see the world? Is it a little differently? Do you look for the science in every day life? If yes, you've found the right place!

Here in the Faculty of Science, at the University of Waterloo, we encourage you to be different, to be curious, explore, and discover. We love students who are passionate about their chosen field of study! Heck, with 18 science majors to choose from, we'd like to think we know a little something about passionate scientists. 

Science doesn't just happen in a lab (although that is our favourite place to watch it) - it happens all around us. From our homes, our food, our bodies, and our environment - its always there. Sometimes it's obvious - like watching a plant grow. Sometimes we don't see it, and yet we "see" it everywhere (energy, light, forces, and air...we're looking at you!).

Whether you love physics, biology, earth science, or chemistry (or even the business of science), we'll show you the fun you can have seeing science in its natural form - where we live it every day.

Check out the science that we see in our newest residence, Claudette Millar Hall.

The Peter Russell Rock Garden, located in the heart of campus, gave us the perfect place to find even more science.

There aren't many people who can show us energy and power (and other amazing science) like our women's hockey team!

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Check out #whatascientistsees to see how other students view the world from a scientist's perspective. Heck, post one of these yourself! We'd love to see how you see the science in your life!