Faculty of Science Points of Contact

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Associate Directors/Chairs Undergraduate (UG)

The Associate Chairs and Directors (UG) are responsible for matters pertaining to undergraduate programs within their departments. This includes scheduling and delivery of programs offered, course instructors, curriculum development, scholarships and awards (including NSERC USRA), and other tasks related to the undergraduate student experience.

Any comments or concerns regarding undergraduate affairs should be directed to the corresponding Associate Director/Chair, UG. 

Biology Associate Chair, UG: Brendan McConkey

Chemistry Associate Chair, UG: Michael Chong

Physics and Astronomy Associate Chair, UG: Adrian Lupascu

Earth & Environmental Sciences Associate Chair, UG: Tony Endres

Pharmacy Associate Director, Curriculum: Cynthia Richards

Other relevant School of Pharmacy contacts

Optometry & Vision Science Associate Director, Academics & Students Affairs: Natalie Hutchings

Other relevant School of Optometry & Vision Science contacts

Dean of Science: Robert Lemieux

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Science Committees Membership

Science Undergraduate Studies Committee (SUSC):

  • Two SciSoc student leaders

Science Faculty Council (SFC):

  • Two SciSoc student leaders (SciSoc Pres + 2nd exec/representative)