What is the Foundation Term?

The Foundation Term is designed for students who have encountered academic difficulties in their first year of studies. It allows a student to take a reduced academic course load, including a course designed to help students learn more effectively.

Students in the Foundation term will be taking two academic courses along with UNIV 101. This course will have three lectures per week and a seminar component that will give them the time to follow up on the topic learned that week. The instructors are specifically trained to teach these skills so students will receive current, expert information to help them meet the academic demands of university studies.

Is the Foundation Term right for me?

Students committing to the Foundation Term:

  1. Will be moved to the General Science program
  2. Will have a reduced course load
    1. UNIV 101
    2. Two courses to be chosen in consultation with the Science Student Success Officer, following one of the options below:
      1. One Science course (plus lab, if applicable) and Communication in the Sciences (ENGL 193/SPCOM 193),
      2. Two Science courses (plus labs, if applicable), or
      3. One Science course (plus lab, if applicable) and one Math course.
    3. Passed courses cannot be retaken. Repeating failed courses is allowed, but not recommended.
    4. Courses must be on campus. Online courses not allowed. (Many courses are being offered online only, due to COVID-19. Online courses will be allowed for the Fall 2021 Foundation Term).
    5. Enrollment in SCI or SCBUS courses is not allowed.
    6. The reduced course load could mean a reduced entitlement to financial aid from OSAP, or equivalent program. Please inquire with Student Awards and Financial Aid, NH 2001, to ensure you understand the financial aid or scholarships that will, or will not, be available to you.
  3. Must get a minimum grade of 60% in UNIV 101 (60% is the passing grade)
    1. Those who don't will not be allowed to continue at the University of Waterloo. These students will be required to withdraw from the University, permanently, with no future enrollment permitted
  4. Must get a minimum grade of 60% in the two academic courses, plus the labs
    1. Students who fail to earn 60% in one or all of the Foundation Term courses, other than UNIV 101, will be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Science

If you are interested in registering for the Foundation Term, please email science.advisor@uwaterloo.ca or call the Science Undergraduate Office, 519-888-4567 x45244.