7 April 2017

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Nadia Singh, Associate University Secretary, Secretariat

Subject: Policy Renewal Project Update

Date: 7 April 2017

Effective January, 2017, the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel were divided into two distinct offices. At the time of the division, the Policy Renewal Project (the Project) was put on hold in order to allow the offices time to adjust to the split.

The Project is back, with the Secretariat continuing to manage the library of policies, procedures and guidelines across the University. 

The Secretariat has had a chance to review the schedule created last year and has made some adjustments in light of lessons learned. We realize that the Project Plan will continue to be revised on at least an annual basis in order to account for progress made, requests from the campus community for the review of policies outside of the schedule, and respect for the processes supporting policy initiation and review. Meaningful consultation will always play a role in the Project.

We are currently in Year 4 of the Project.  The following policies are being initiated/reviewed:

  • Policy 2 – Bulletin Boards, Temporary Signs, and Notices
  • Policy 6 – Vacation - Staff
  • Policy 7 – Gift Acceptance (Mandatory Review)
  • Policy 11 – Risk Management (Mandatory Review)
  • Policy 14 – Pregnancy and Parental Leave
  • Policy 15 – Bookings – Use and Reservation of University Facilities for Activities not regularly timetabled
  • Policy 30 – Employment of Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Policy 32 – Pets on University Property
  • Policy 33 – Ethical Behaviour
  • Policy 42 – Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence
  • Policy 44 – Research Centres and Institutes (Mandatory Review)
  • Policy 54 – Definition of Staff
  • Policy 55 – Survey Administration
  • Policy 56 – Vacations and Vacation Pay for Non-regular Faculty Members, including Graduate and Undergraduate Students with Academic Appointments
  • Policy 64 – Use of Proprietary Software
  • Policy 67 – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Policy 70 – Student Petitions and Grievances
  • Policy 71 – Student Discipline
  • Policy 72 – Student Appeals

Due to the high volume of policies currently under review, and the strong likelihood that many of these reviews will carry forward into Year 5, the following policies are scheduled for review in Year 5:

  • Policy 46 – Information Management (Mandatory Review)
  • Policy 61 – Religious Accommodation
  • Policy 65 – Equality in Employment
  • Policy 73 – Intellectual Property

Please note that Nadia Singh will be on leave until May, 2018.  If you wish to participate in the Project, if you have feedback on a particular policy, if you wish to request a review, or if you have any questions about University policies in general (including interpretation and application of current policies), please contact Alice Raynard, Associate University Secretary (araynard@uwaterloo.ca, ext. 31894).