Board of Governors Handbook

The University's continued success depends on a vibrant, enabling environment rooted in good performance. Together, our mission is to provide that excellent governance so that the University of Waterloo can continue to reach new heights across our academic, research and innovation platforms.

And now is indeed a critical time for doing so. The University of Waterloo has scaled the Canadian post-secondary education system to become one of the country's most innovative and highest-quality research universities. And, as you know, we have bold strategies for ensuring global recognition and status for this institution as well.

As we continue to grow, and embrace today's challenges and opportunities with energy and ambition, it is essential that we attract and benefit from the knowledge of talented, thoughtful, and strategically-aware Board members. Your contributions to the University's guidance and governance are critical to our success.

As we take up our work together, we can do so with tremendous optimism. Thanks in no small part to the work of your predecessors and peers, the University of Waterloo is well-positioned for ongoing success. The future is ours to build. This handbook provides you with excellent reference material to help you become oriented to your role

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