Board of Governors Handbook

The University has established a legacy of growth and innovation through its dedication to honouring its legacy but not being limited by it. Our vibrant community and continued success is rooted in good governance. Our mission as Governors of the University of Waterloo is to provide governance and objectivity to continue the important work of our institution.

As Waterloo – and all of Canada – face a disruptive world impacted by public health, economic and societal upheaval, we need the guidance and due diligence of our Board of Governors more than ever. We need your help and we need your insights to ensure our exceptional academics, ground-breaking research and dynamic innovation platforms continue to push our students and society forward.

The University of Waterloo will lead the discussion on topics from innovation to entrepreneurship, health, sustainability and the future of work. Because of our continued need to meet our institutional ambitions, it is essential that our University attracts and benefits from the knowledge and experience of talented and thoughtful Board members.

This handbook provides you with reference material to help you familiarize yourself with your new role as Governor of the University of Waterloo. I hope and trust that you’ll find it helpful throughout your term of service.

Organizational Charts

Financial Statements

University of Waterloo Fundamentals

Senior Administration Positions

Board of Governors Biographies