Art Gallery Advisory Committee

Chair:  Gallery Administrator
Secretary: To be selected from the membership

Terms of Reference and Membership

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Gallery Administrator on the overall operations and programming of the Modern Languages and ECH Galleries.
  2. To advise the Gallery Administrator on works considered for acquisition to the University's Permanent Collection.
  3. To advise the Gallery Administrator on the selection of the site(s) for permanently fixed works of art (In the case of new buildings, this will require close liaison with the PACOD).
  4. To actively promote the Gallery's campus and public profile.


  • Chair - Gallery Administrator
  • Director, Space Information and Planning
  • One faculty member from the Fine Arts Department
  • Three faculty or staff from the University community, one of whom will be the Fine Arts Librarian
  • Three individuals from the community
  • One student from the Fine Arts program
  • Two students representing the six faculties to be chosen as follows:
    • one undergraduate student from either: AHS/Arts/ES
    • one undergraduate student from either: Eng/Science/Math
  • One student SOFA representative

Method and Term of Appointments

The membership shall be appointed by the Vice-President, Academic, & Provost of the University. Five positions on the Committee will have a 3 year term: the UW staff and faculty representatives, as well as the three community positions. The positions of Chair, Gallery Director; Faculty, Fine Arts; Director, Space Information & Planning; and the Fine Arts Librarian are constants. Generally, student representation will be for 1 - 4 years depending upon the year of study when joining the Committee.

Revised: January 2005, by Gallery Administrator and Associate Provost Human Resources and Student Affairs