Graduate Student Relations Committee - documents of interest

Documents (regulations, guidelines, policies)

The Graduate Student Relations Committee periodically issues, through the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, regulations or guidelines (or interpretations thereof) which relate to university-student relations, student life or the working conditions of graduate students. These documents are normally issued electronically to all graduate students and those who deal with graduate student issues and are posted on the websites of the Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo (GSA) and/or Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA). For ease of reference, those documents and others that the committee thought might be of interest to graduate students are identified below.

Memorandum of Agreement (.htm), Memorandum of Agreement (pdf)


Examination Regulations and Related Matters
Resolution of Disputes Between TAs and Instructors and RAs and Supervisors (pdf)
Teaching Assistantships (TAs) Performance (and Relationship to Minimum Level of Funding) (pdf)
TA Health, Safety and Environment Training (pdf)
Employment of Graduate Students - Special Arrangements (pdf)
Teaching Assistantships -- Hourly Rate; Hours Per Term (pdf)
Minimum Level of Funding for Doctoral Students
Graduate Student Research Payments - Graduate Student Sources of Support Limitations (pdf)
Guidelines on Graduate Student Support
UW Statement on Graduate Student Office Space (pdf)


Policy 46

Information Management

Policy 21

Alcohol Use and Education

Policy 30

Employment of Graduate Student Teaching Assistants

Policy 33

Ethical Behaviour

Policy 34

Health, Safety and Environment

Policy 56

Vacations and Vacation Pay for Non-regular Faculty Members, including Graduate and Undergraduate Students with Academic Appointments

Policy 70

Student Petitions and Grievances

Policy 71

Student Discipline

Policy 72

Student Appeals

Policy 73

Intellectual Property Rights


Assessment of Penalties
Computer and Network Resources
Computing and Network Resources - Security
Harrassment and Discrimination - Guidelines for Supervisors
Human Research
Safety Guidelines for Field Work / Field Trips in Canada
Safety Guidelines for Field Work / Field Trips in International Locations
Student Email
Weather / Emergency Closing Guidelines


Graduate Studies Review by Adel Sedra (2004) (pdf) and Provost's Memo (2002) (pdf)
Toward a Level Playing Field: Enhancing Academic Integrity at the University of Waterloo (pdf)
A Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision at the University of Waterloo (pdf)
Guidelines on Graduate Student Support
Task Force Report on the Administration of Graduate Studies (2008) (pdf)

PhD guaranteed minimum funding:

2011 Recommendation (pdf)

TA rate and graduate scholarships / bursaries:

2018 Recommendation (pdf)
2017 Recommendation (pdf)
2016 Recommendation (pdf)
2015 Recommendation (pdf)
2014 Recommendation (pdf)
2013 Recommendation (pdf)
2012 Recommendation (pdf)
2011 Recommendation (pdf)
2010 Recommendation (pdf)
2009 Recommendation (pdf)