To quickly look for a specific honouree, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Ctrl + F keys at the same time and the Find menu will appear. Type in the individual's last name.
  2. Click Next – this will take you to the first person with that name.   If this is not the person you’re looking for, click Next again and it will find the next person with that name until it runs through all of the possibilities.
  3. Click on the Red X to close the Find window.
Last name First name Degree Year
Wadsworth Jeffery Page Rein LLD 1983
Wallin Pamela LLD 2003
Wang Ying DES 2001
Warren Harry Verney DSc 1975
Waterhouse Robert Lambert LLD 1981
Watsa Prem LLD 2017
Watson Peter DEng 2009
Webber William John DSc 1961
Weibe Rudy DLitt 2005
Weinberg Steven DSc 2004
Weitz David DSc 2016
Welsh Dominic DMath 2006
Whiting Harold DSc 1992
Wilchek Meir DSc 1989
Wilkie David DMath 2002
Wilkinson James Hardy DMath 1978
Wilson James LLD 1997
Wong Annie Leung Kit Wah LLD 2007
Woo Ming-ko DES 2016
Woo George DSc 2019
Wright Douglas T. LLD 1995
Wright Janet LLD 1999
Wright Margaret DMath 2003
Wright W. David DSc 1991
Wu Chien-Fu Jeff DMath 2008
Yao Andrew Chi-Chih DMath 2009
Yau Shing-Tang DMath 2011
Yolles Morden DES 2002
Zadeh Lotfi DEng 2003
Zaghloul Mona DEng 2007
Zahradnik Rudolf DSc 2002
Zeff Stephen DLitt 2010
Zelmanov Efim DMath 2017
Zemans Joyce DLitt 2004
Zernicke Ronald DSc 2008